How do we manage to be jacks of all trades and masters of them too?
The collective. 88 Creative brings together experienced professionals whose shared pool of knowledge delivers just the right expertise and insight for your project.

Linus Lam

People (mostly relatives) often ask me what an Executive Producers does. I like to say ‘everything’ –that’s how it sometimes feels. For me the EP is the person who is ultimately responsible for the delivery of the project. I partner with the clients, assemble the best team, chart a course for the project, resolve the expected and the unexpected, and keep an eye on the timeline and the budget. For the past 10 years, that’s exactly what I’ve done for a variety of projects; from trade ad campaigns for HBO, upfront packaging for Comedy Central, graphic branding for SAP’s Sapphire conference, to a group electronic game for IBM at Epcot, 2 galleries in a science center in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a sponsorship Pavilion at the Beijing Olympics, and all the media at the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences.


John Dalton

I’m an experience designer, for lack of a better term. What excites me about design is using the medium at hand to communicate. My career has been diverse, and I like it that way. I love a challenge. I’ve designed museum exhibitions for The Field Museum, retail environments for Nike, theatrical sets for Steppenwolf Theater, print graphics for Playboy, and event environments for Sprite. I’ve designed logos, ad campaigns, animations, movies, websites, books, and 35 foot tall tree stumps.


Aya Kotake

What I find thoroughly rewarding about design is aligned with my passions and what is personally meaningful to me. I love to understand, discover and engage with the world and people around me – to connect the dots and see the big picture, to cooperate and collaborate all the while keeping an open, dynamic dialogue going.

I get fired up by the problem-solving aspect of the creative process; finding unusual and imaginative ways of making an idea come to life visually and compellingly communicate a client's message. Ideally with any project what benefits me individually; making me happier, more effective, more productive, more alive and inspired, is also an outward contribution to something bigger.

As a designer/art director, I have over the past 15 years collaborated with small, mid-sized and large clients in a diverse range of ways from logos, posters to full branding campaigns for retail spaces, museums, record labels, hi-tech businesses, and more. Clients have included companies and organizations like HBO, Discovery Channel, Smithsonian, Target, Nickelodeon, SAP, and Johnson & Johnson, just to name a few.


Vicky Cave

I am like the go-between, the jam in the sandwich, or the mortar between the bricks. I work to create places, spaces, experiences and materials where children and their families can play and learn. What this means in real terms, is that I work to develop ideas using a range of tools, including workshops with children, teachers, specialists; brainstorming and refining ideas with clients, designers, fabricators, trustees; and evaluating and reforming ideas, concepts and designs as we go along. I have led the development of interactive learning spaces for young children such as Discover, London; The Garden at The Science Museum, London; Eureka! The Museum for Children, Halifax and have worked on playgrounds which offer opportunities for linking learning inside and outside. As a consultant I have developed exhibitions and programs for ScieneWorks, Melbourne and Sciencecentre, Queensland, Australia; The Children’s City, Damascus, Syria; and the National Science Center, Trinidad. I have developed story and activity books, as well as a range of workshops and touring programs for children. I decided to do a PhD to explore the process of creating hands-on educational exhibitions for children, as there was little formal training for the job I was doing at the time, so I am Dr Vicky Cave!


Paul Orselli

I’m an exhibit developer and designer, but primarily I think of myself as a “problem solver.” I like to mix up interesting people, ideas, and materials to make exhibits that people can interact with. Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Detroit, I’ve loved museums. So getting to work in, and with, museums over the past 27 years has been big fun!

I guess I’m still a big kid because most of my work has been with children’s museums and science museums, but I’ve also been helping traditionally “hands-off” museums to develop more interactive and family-friendly exhibitions. I have been the editor and originator of the three best-selling Exhibit Cheapbooks, published by ASTC. In addition to serving on the board of NAME (National Association for Museum Exhibition) I’ve also been an advisor to many national museum initiatives, including ExhibitFiles.

I live on Long Island with my wife and “in-house exhibit testing crew” of four children.


Alexandra Villasante

I’ve been throwing parties for over eight years. That’s what I tell my five-year old daughter I do for a living because the truth is a little more complicated. I get on site at 5AM to make sure load in goes off without a hitch. I plan the staffing of the day down to each quarter of an hour. I liaise with the client to make sure that what is happening on site not only meets, but exceeds their expectations. I walk. A lot. Whether it’s doing the New York Times Travel Show at the Jacob Javits Center, or managing a 1300 person luncheon fund-raiser at the Waldorf=Astoria, I cover a lot of ground. On event day, the 1001 tiny details are all, amazingly, under my control. And though it looks like a heck of a lot of work, at the end of the night, it does feel like a party.